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The guide discuses stress, nutrition, herbs, supplements and eye exercises. Focusing on an holistic view of the body, I give advice directed to help you be more informed, aware and in control of your life. With its clear and concise writing style, it’s easy to understand and implement the advice provided.
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I have Dealt with this condition for over twenty years.

Improve your Health

Be resiliant, get help and improve by daily effort.

Healthy Vission

See better and more importantly, feel better.

"Hi..very inspiring article you wrote and I agree with every part. the crazy thing is I’ve been doing nearly all the things you wrote and your article gave me a positive feedback…Thank you and have a great day!!."

Chapter Overview

All about Keratoconus, and general ideas & treatements.

A Mysterious Disease

Origins and posible causes, hypotesis and general theories about Keratoconus.

Diet and Lifestyle

How to improve your general lifestyle to take better care of your eye’s and overall health.


Ideas on what to eat, what supplements to use, vitamins and minerals. Includes tips on nutrition.

The Mind

How what you believe affects your actions, how to change, and the role of habits in the developement of disease.


An introduction to traditional Chinese medicine with ideas to implement in your health regime.


An introduction to India’s Ayurveda medicine and Yoga practices to implement in your health regime.


An introduction to improving your metabolism by removing toxins from your body.

Other alternative therapies

More ideas on Relaxation, Homeopathy, Earthing and Hyperbaric oxygen medicine.

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Amazing reviews for the guide!

Testimonial author

Sergio N


I appreciate all your work, I would also like to thank you for introducing me into Ekadashi and Ayurvedic medicine, it has changed my fasting and medical game.

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If you or if your spouse or child has been diagnosed with this condition, then The Keratoconus Health Guide is a must-read. This book contains an extensive amount of information including alternative treatments as well as general health and how lifestyle choices affect keratoconus.

You will learn

• How to be resilient, face this challenge and delay progression of keratoconus.

Diet & Life Style advice

• Key concepts in nutrition, lifestyle and Diet.

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